About us

Hollerwood Park is approximately 2,500 acres of outdoor adventure property located at the intersection of Powell, Wolfe, Lee and Estill Counties. The property is owned by the Powell County Fiscal Court and sub-leased to the Powell County Industrial Development Authority for oversight and management. With the overall goal of providing multi-use recreational opportunities for the region and further diversifying the area’s economy, Hollerwood Park is an economic driver for the region. Long range planning is currently underway to ensure the property is developed in a way that is both respectful to the environment and utilizes the natural lay of the land for a variety of user groups to enjoy. With a multitude of 4WD, UTV, ATV and Motorcycle trails, the Park is a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts. The property also has two ponds for fishing and kayaking and provides camping opportunities.


Hollerwood Park is a premier outdoor recreation destination that caters to all levels of off-roading enthusiasts. We will endeavor to provide facilities and attractions that will appeal to a diverse demographic, and will allow for year-round receptions. The park will be a self-sustaining, environmentally sound economic driver for the region while compliment ion existing businesses. We will also strive to keep the integrity of our community in-tact and will utilize the park to foster outdoor ethics and practices though education.

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